Dating Evolved

Blindly is an experimental dating app that wants to bring real life dating experience online.

The Problem With Online Dating

Simply put, online dating feel like your shopping online for a mate.

People's incentives and behaviors do not mimic in any way what it feels like to look for someone in real life.

Dating sites measure you superficially to try to sell you compatibility.

The biggest problem is that they assume that we are all aware of what we truly want, and assume we can describe that want mathematically.

Dating sites are not an even playing field.

Some people get a lot of attention while most get little or no attention.

For some people, good matches get drowned out in a flood unwanted messages.

Others get overlooked or ignored because of the whole shopping experience.


Blindly attempts to achieve 2 simple goals

Get people to treat each other online
as they would in real life.

Solve the noise issue
that plagues other dating sites.

The Experiment

Blindly is highly opinionated, scientific, and phisolophical

No Deep Compatibility matrix

Blindly does not try to find your soul mate.

Human beings are complex and deep, and the task of determining how compatible you are is too complex for any online application.

Instead Blindly will focus on solving the "Bar scene" problem. Where there are certain behaviors and norms that guide everyone in who they talk to in a room of strangers all looking for a partner.

No Profiles

You don't get a profile.
Instead, you provide a Highlight that you think is insightful about you and valuable to a partner, and pictures of yourself.

All pictures and highlights are rated in isolation from each other.

You'll get feedback of highlight/photo rating. Add/Delete highlights and photos to optimize your overall rating.

Your goals is to achieve higher ratings by understand your value add to others and working on yourself.

Neither you nor others will see your overall rating.

Participation is key

You will get out of this experiment what you put into it.

Your exposure on the site will reflect your effort level.

Everything gets a rating, in order for your highlights and images to get rated, you must rate others.

The more you rate, the more you're rated.

You can't just message anyone

This is a key component of this experiment.

Much like in real life, where our options are limited by regional, social, and personal factors, Blindly only allows you to message people within a range of location and overall rating.

This is probably the most controversial part of the experiment, but it tries to reflect sexual selection in real life.

Try to make the most of each connection

You are only exposed to a limited number of connections at a time and for a certain amount of time.

You and your connections must reach a certain communication threshold before you can achieve photo and highlight reveals.

This is an effort to create a natural dynamic in real life where we can't swipe people left or right, and establish a connection prior to enhance attraction.

Closing Thoughts

Dating in real life is not like shopping.

It's a bit scary, a bit exhilarating, and often seems very unfair and frustrating.

We often are at a loss ourselves, we make bad choices, and we learn.

Blindly tries to simply provide a structure so that online dating feels more natural, and good or as bad as that may seem.

I hope you'll enjoy the experiment :-)